Create new value proposals

Reimagine user experiences

Build new business models

Create new value proposals

Reimagine user experiences

Build new business models

with digital products and technology 100% in your control

Digital transformation delivered with fresh and innovative software

Automate, innovate and transform your products, processes and services


Build innovative products and business models. Go to market in a fast, iterative and reliable way with our team’s experience and expertise.


Create new digital products and services. In a complex and dynamic world, digital transformation can be a matter of life or death.


Get technical expertise and a fresh take on technology. Leading businesses must command, not just navigate, the fast-paced technology environment.

The open platform to build scalable digital products

Get cloud tooling, BE/FE, REST APIs, continuous integration/deployment and more in the time you make a cup of coffee

State-of-the-art technology

Magnet has created HOP to build in a fast and reliable way diverse software-based solutions that are scalable and easy to maintain. HOP is built on top of a modern yet robust technology.

Open source

HOP has been built using Open Source technology and open standards. It has an MPL license (compatible with the commercial and proprietary licenses) and therefore you have full control of the solution developed; you own the final solution.

Cloud and On-Premises

HOP provides a future-proven platform suitable for building diverse applications on top of Cloud or Local infrastructure.

White label

With HOP you can develop your dream digital product or service, with an UI/UX design and branding of your choice.

Things we are good at

Building fast and simple software platforms
Doing IoT integrations
Managing data, big or small
Designing sleek user interfaces
Creating automated user personalization and predictions integrations
Working in an agile and continuous delivery environment

Our way


We believe in delivering core value with technology you own and control.


Talent is everywhere, and it does not care about age or gender. We are a distributed and diverse team by design.


We want to solve real problems building and relying on Open Source software.


We are here for the long run. We believe happy clients -not vanity metrics- are the best measure for a business.


The products we build should speak for themselves.


Competition is a distraction. We prefer knowledge sharing, partnerships and a healthy work environment.

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