We deliver. No BS.

We speak and work with many companies like yours facing digital transformation challenges. This is our approach to support your journey:

A platform to create digital products and services of the future

HOP allows you to build next-generation digital products and services; modern and sophisticated digital products with great design and less effort.

Flexible and scalable systems

With HOP, you can achieve more with less code, and focus on business needs rather than technological problems.

Open Source model
(Mozilla Public License, MPL)

HOP is compatible with commercial and proprietary licenses, and therefore you have full control of the solution developed; you own the final solution.

Build it and Ship it!

We deliver:
Final products
3rd party integrations
IoT integrations
Backends (APIs, CRUD apps,...)
Rapid time-to-market
Modern look & feel
Reduced technical debt
High availability

Consulting & training

We got your back

Get the skills and support you need to boost your potential. Our approach is to build partnerships and collaborations with our clients and stakeholders, so you can rely on us from project inception and analysis though production and maintenance.

Our services

Design and Development

In Magnet, we do full stack development with a data-oriented functional technology approach, forging a next generation set of tools aimed to simplify development efforts and maximize productivity. We apply user oriented UI/UX designs based on storyboards, journey maps and prototypes.


We are a professional team of developers, designers and consultants working to design your product roadmap and build it iteratively. We help you discover user needs and customer requirements with user/market research and storyboards, building the information architecture and design for your solution.


We walk with you from the start to the end of your project’s journey and beyond. We build final products that scale based upon business needs, helping you to boost your business strategy and accomplish you goals.

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