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Our solution: Vehoo
01 the smart lock solution is composed by three elements

Hardware device with bluetooth and wifi connectivity.
Mobile native app for both Android and iOS.
Reactive, user-friendly and ultra-fast Web application.

hardware device
mobile native app
web application
02 hardware

Vehoo is a 120x110 mm box that the users can easily install in their doors and will make their life simpler and safer. Security is at the core of the smart lock.

With integrated preventive alarms (local and remote) that will hold any intruder off.

It is invisible. It is installed inside and no one can see or manipulate it from the outside.

It can work without wifi. It offers two modes: local and internet connected. Designed to make the user feel safer.

In addition to security Vehoo offers comfort. Easy installation and maintenance; user friendly solution compatible with any type of door.

03 mobile native app

Users see who comes and goes, open/close the door remotely and get notified in real time when an alarm is triggered. With a native app, no need for physical keys.

04 web application

Powerful web application to manage and control your home.
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