Leveraging a cutting-edge software platform to optimize farming activities.

2017 -
Project for
Type of code, clojure..
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client needs
more control

Seeing where spraying is applied; optimizing farming activities; creating an easy-to-use tool.

what we do
precision agriculture

A native app for both Android and iOS; hardware connectivity via bluetooth; cloud platform with GIS capabilities and ultra fast front-end.

value added
business expansion

New business model and market opportunities for our client; hardware device (sprayer) with new features.

user needs

Software and IoT-based solutions can help farmers be more efficient and increase profits. Our smart-farming solution optimizes farming activities with the help of a complete, integrated and usable solution accessible from anywhere, anytime.

cost reduction
Our solution
01 composed by three elements

Hardware device for taking data from the physical world.
Mobile native app for getting data from the hardware device, tracking its real-time location​ and forecasting weather.
Web application for managing, processing and displaying all data​.

hardware device
mobile native app
web application
02 geographic information system

Real-time field mapping and weather forecasting.

03 data gathering and historic data management

Historic data for better decision taking.


Real-time speed measurement and warning for different tasks and activities.
Control and monitoring of farming activities.
Fuel consumption.
Duration of the activity.
Type of activity.
Sensor data input in real-time.
04 field managament

Seamless and fast.


Real-time weather forecast on each field.
Ability to add comments/notes.
Activities assigned to workers, each using a smartphone.
Success story: La Maja (olive cultivation, Spain)

In spraying operations, 1/3 of the cost can be assigned to transportation and container refilling. With this solution farmers reduce their operation times by 15%.

Duplicated tasks have also been decreased by 40%. The software assists them on strategic decision making, enables them to perceive what is happening in the field, and take action based on data.

"Everything under control in a simple and easy way"
La Maja
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