At Magnet we leverage Hydrogen to build our own verticals

We have identified two needs in the market so we decided to build our own products in collaboration with domain expert partners.

enerGIS is a powerful tool for renewable resource location analysis.

Adimen helps organizations manage their innovation activities.


Through the combination of an array of detailed analyses with custom data interrogation tools, enerGIS provides an in-depth understanding of resource availability alongside existing and future constraints.

Tech stack

Hydrogen - Clojure(script), PostGIS, GeoServer, Leaflet, AWS


Manage your enterprise innovation funnel. Collect, evaluate and select your ideas in a process of continuous improvement with a fresh and delightful tool.

Tech stack

Hydrogen - Clojure(script), Postgres, Highcharts, AWS

Pick your area of interest

We build products for very diverse companies, from innovative startups to global corporations. We take confidentiality very seriously, and in the face of our clients' success we don't steal their thunder.


> Field management
> Data gathering and historic data management
> IoT integration (i.e. with weather stations)
> Prediction & analytic tools
> Apps & webapps
> Geographical Information Systems


> Medical imaging
> Personalized treatment
> IoT integration
> Communication & engagement
> Personal health history
> Improved security & privacy
> Apps & web apps


> Real-time monitoring for predictive maintenance
> Visual inspection for defect detection
> IoT integration
> Advanced data visualization
> Smart LogisticsApps & webapps
> Local or Cloud deployments


> Real-time Monitoring
> Business Intelligence
> IoT integration
> Predictive maintenance
> Asset management
> Geographical Information Systems
> Apps & web apps


> Modern and simple UI/UX design
> Ultra agile and reactive apps
> Scalable business models
> Recommendations systems
> Third-party integrations
> Improved security & privacy
> Apps & web apps

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