Our ultimate goal is to build antifragile* products and services

Solutions that can survive and thrive in the competitive and ever-changing business environment. But how?

Antifragile Technology

We favor simplicity over complexity. This way we can build and maintain big scalable projects with a small core team of designers and developers. That is the reason we embrace simple tools and programming languages like Clojure.
For us, intelligence is the art of using memory. Programming languages and distributed databases (Datomic) that leverage immutable data structures allow us to time travel to the past and also, to simulate and predict the future.

Antifragile Teams

We as humans do not have superpowers. So we use our intellect and technological knowledge to build final products for our users.
Diversity works. We are a diverse team with a heterogeneous set of skills and experiences, always ready to take on new challenges.

Antifragile Designs

Our approach and projects are user-centric. The user, aligned with the company’s business goals, gives life to a product.
Putting the focus on the user, we work with UI/UX designers from the get-go. This way the end product is accessible, useful and usable. We always build solutions that users love and use, making their life better.
* We love this concept by Nassim Taleb. Find more here.