Magnet is a small yet strong team of developers based in Oñati (Gipuzkoa, Spain) who care about delivering quality software that runs smoothly now and keeps running in a decade’s time as well.

At Magnet we value teamwork, knowledge sharing and a healthy work environment. We work in an agile and continuous delivery environment with mainly Clojure-based functional programming tech stack.

We work for clients in Europe in different sectors, so you will be learning about different business areas and domain problems in your projects.

Junior full-stack Clojure(script) developer
Junior DevOps engineer
How to apply
To apply, send us your blind CV to, introducing yourself.
Email us
After this we will review the application and the interview process will be as follows:
The first interview will be technical
The second will be about work processes
The last one will be personal to get to know you better.
We actively encourage applications from people from all backgrounds, ages and genders.
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