Junior full-stack Clojure(script) developer

At Magnet we are hiring a full-time and permanent full-stack developer to be part of our distributed team, to help us develop software systems as well as improving our underlying tech base.

Magnet is a small yet strong team of developers based in Oñati (Gipuzkoa, Spain) who care about delivering quality software that runs smoothly now and keeps running in a decade’s time as well.

At Magnet we value teamwork, knowledge sharing and a healthy work environment. We work in an agile and continuous delivery environment with mainly Clojure-based functional programming tech stack.

We work for clients in Europe in different sectors, so you will be learning about different business areas and domain problems in your projects.

About you

We are looking for a passionate person who is genuinely interested in technology and with a growth mindset attitude. A person who understands that effort makes them stronger.

Being a small team (we are a team of 10) means working together and caring for each other to tackle challenges that sometimes are not easy.

We expect from you a professional attitude towards technology: detail and quality oriented. We deeply care about reducing technical debt so our current code survives and runs for a long time.

What you will do
You will join a team of experienced developers to create final software systems.
You will communicate synchronously and asynchronously in a distributed team.
You will work both the frontend and backend to create high-quality solutions in Clojure and Clojurescript.
You will be exposed to the cloud infrastructure (AWS) and a Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment system.
You will work with agile methodologies and develop technical documentation.
Participate in our weekly learning session and book club.
Bachelor's/Master's degree in Computer Science, Telecommunications, math or similar.
Experience in developing software code in a web environment: React, Angular or similar.
Interest in functional programming such as Clojure(script). Experience in this particular language is not a requirement.
Interest or experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its services. Alternatively, working knowledge of Azure or Google Cloud.
Languages: English
Remote, based in Spain
How to apply
To apply, send us your blind CV to, introducing yourself.
Email us
After this we will review the application and the interview process will be as follows:
The first interview will be technical
The second will be about work processes
The last one will be personal to get to know you better.
We actively encourage applications from people from all backgrounds, ages and genders.
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