Is your project suitable for AI?

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Task to automate

Can you describe the task?
The task that needs to be automated, does it take a long time to process?
Is it a repetitive task?
Are correct outcomes clear and measurable?

Collected data

Do you have reliable/objective/complete data (facts)?
Can you provide data-gathering strategy (format/team/...)?
Do you have domain knowledge for the data?

Affirmative answers?

If so, AI can help you

In Magnet we have experience with the following AI techniques:

Statistics and data mining

We provide statistical analysis on large-scale databases to extract data patterns and knowledge.

Machine learning

We teach computers to perform tasks without rules or domain specific knowledge. For this purpose we have used supervised and unsupervised techniques, for classification and regression problems for the former, and clustering (similarity) for the latter.

Using reinforcement learning our software learns from trial-and-error for well defined problems.

Deep learning

We use this approach to solve intuitive problems like segmenting an image or understanding text. By gathering experience from data and using state-of-the-art deep neural networks architectures trained on GPUs, our software is able to do tasks like predictions.

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BI and analytics

Business Intelligence and analytics tools help converting data into information, and information into knowledge.

We leverage visualization tools like ELK stack, Grafana or Highcharts, depending on the projects' needs, to visualize patterns within your company’s data.

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Case studies

Medical imaging

We build tools to help medical professionals interpret images faster and better using Deep Learning.

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Deep Learning

Deep Learning proof-of-concept for building a Cat/Dog image classifier.

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