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Who we are

We are a passionate team of computer scientists, engineers, designers and consultants with a genuine passion for technology and creativity. We are doers and makers with a holistic approach to problem solving; delivering strategies, designs and technologies to create unique and memorable products and user experiences.

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The team

Jose Ayudarte
Full-stack developer
Jose is a meticulous software developer.

In his spare time he plays in a punk-rock band and he also finds time to bake delicious desserts.
Irati Etxeberria
Irati has a background in surveying engineering, GIS and Computer Science.

She lives a rock&roll lifestyle reading, doing yoga and picking wild blackberries in late summer.
Bingen Galartza
Full-stack developer
Bingen is a young, gifted and basque computer scientist.

He loves a challenge, gaming, and the company of good friends.
Iñaki Arenaza
Iñaki is a computer science renaissance man. He answers any technical question with "It depends" and asks some questions back; the original questioner is enlightened.

He loves science fiction literature, train travelling and relaxed conversation with friends.
Usoa Sasigain
Technical consultant / developer
Usoa is a MSc in computer science with management and consultancy skills.

Reading, hiking and brave early-morning workouts keep her busy.
Lucas Sousa
Full-stack developer
Lucas is a talented and restless computer scientist, and speaks four languages to boot.

You can find him in the mountains or at the gym IRL, or gaming in the virtual world.
Asier Galdos
Asier is a computer scientist become entrepeneur.

When not working, he enjoys long walks and street basketball games.
Sandra Marco
Full-stack developer
Sandra is a Computer Scientist and in her spare time she enjoys camping with her dogs and outdoor sports such as cycling, trail running, bouldering...
Jaime Llanos
Jaime is our laser-focused finance man.

Proud bilbaíno and keen photographer, he enjoys good food and laughs with friends.
Amaia Guridi
Product Designer
Amaia is our digital product designer, mixing it with graphic design now and then.

Her therapy is singing in a (award-winning) choir, running and cooking.
Mikel Elizondo
Full-stack developer
If Mikel is not programming, he's probably gonna be at a gig or running a d&d game with his friends.

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Our values

Long term vision
Serious but fun
Fresh and seasoned
Diverse and inclusive
Global thinking
Community building
Not for everyone (and that's ok)

Our ingredients

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